AssureSign CRM Solution Version for CRM 2015 and 2016

Last updated 2016-08-04 14:44:45 UTC

Version of our AssureSign solution for Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016 is now available for download here.


This latest version of the solution introduces a new custom CRM entity: AssureSign Envelope. The AssureSign Envelope is a container to bundle AssureSign documents into a single signing session. This new entity mirrors the AssureSign Envelope object in the AssureSign system. Using this feature requires that you add AssureSign Envelope Templates in your online AssureSign account settings.

It is possible to create AssureSign Envelopes manually just as AssureSign Documents are able to be sent from the solution. You simply pick the AssureSign Envelope Template from the displayed list and set basic settings that will direct the signing process. Additional steps will then be required to add AssureSign Documents to the envelope, and finally the Envelope will need to be Closed in order for signing to start. The AssureSign Envelope entity come prelinked to the same system entities as the AssureSign Document entity, so you can start launching Envelopes on accounts and contacts, for example, right away. Additional relationships may be added to link it to additional system or custom entities. You will need to set the entity to be visible in non entity CRM sections manually, such as Sales.

It is also possible to automate the process through CRM Processes. New Workflow Step components have been added: Create AssureSign Envelope and Close AssureSign Envelope. Instructions for using these new process steps are provided here.

Envelopes in CRM may be updated through DocumentTRAK push notifications just like documents. 

SharePoint Storage

The recently released feature for sending SharePoint storage information in to AssureSign for use via AssureSign DocumentTRAK has been enhanced when used through a CRM Process. Now, you may select to have the process perform a lookup of the SharePoint Storage Location by setting a new value on the step: Detect Workflow Entity SharePoint Storage Location.

Upload Documents from your Desktop

When manually launching an AssureSign Document from our built-in form, you may now select to upload a document to be sent to AssureSign from your desktop. This is now available as long as the setting Allow Submit of Notes Document Attachment is turned on in your AssureSign Configuration.

This is a feature release, and it is not required that current solution installations be updated to this release.