What is a JotBlock?

Last updated 2020-01-28 13:54:49 UTC

JotBlocks are areas in templates or documents that indicate, alternatively,

  • where data will be applied that is passed through integration
  • where data will be entered by a signer
  • where digitized signatures will be applied by a signer
  • the format of applied data
  • instructions to end users (signers) that will appear when they are walked through the document signing process

Jotblocks may be defined

  • when a template or document is created or edited using the template design page
  • dynamically when submitting a document through DocumentNOW, by
    • embedded text tags
    • XML in the submission

Signers may provide data to be applied to documents by various means, including:

  • drawing, with a mouse, stylus, or a finger (on a touch enabled device)
  • drawing on a signature pad
  • typing
  • selecting from drop down lists
  • checking multiple items in a checkbox group
  • selecting a single item from a radio button group