What is an AssureSign Envelope?

Last updated 2020-01-28 13:54:49 UTC

An AssureSign Envelope is a virtual container allowing multiple related documents to be presented to signatories for signing. The DocumentNOW interfaces include special operations for opening and closing an envelope. There are also special methods for programmatically operating on an envelope during and after the signing process.

DocumentTRAK notifications may be configured to be called on events fired in the life of an envelope, as opposed to an individual document. In order to configure this an envelope template should be created to which the DocumentTRAK notification can be assigned. The ID of the envelope template you create in the "Envelope Templates" web user interface, on the administration tab, is populated in the DocumentNOW CreateEnvelope operation as the EnvelopeTemplateId.

It is also possible to send a document envelope manually by selecting Create a new document envelope from the documents tab.