Important Change to Email Delivery 4/2016

Last updated 2017-05-18 16:31:23 UTC

To ensure consistent delivery for e-mails sent out of the system, AssureSign will be standardizing the ‘send from’ email address to on 4/20/2016. (Release 5.30)

What does this mean for you?

  • Emails will still appear to come from the document creator or configured account sender as they do now.
  • Email addresses that were set to will now be set to
  • This is an application level change being made on your behalf and will require no action on your part.
  • Any users that have a custom email rule for should reconfigure those rules to instead use

Why are we doing this?

Emails sent from one email server but that appear to come from another domain, are sometimes identified as spam or can be erroneously marked as phishing. AssureSign is standardizing this process to protect the document workflow and ensure consistent email delivery for all our customers.

We have always informed customers that sending emails from another domain beside is only supported when necessary technical changes have been made in your own email servers. This is because the email servers that receive our email check your email servers to see if AssureSign is approved to send from your domain. When your email server is not configured to respond that AssureSign is trusted, our email can be identified as spam or could be perceived to be phishing. When our email is blocked sending on behalf of one company, even email sent properly from our own email address can be flagged as coming from a potential spammer.

In some cases, we allowed our customers to configure email to be sent from their own server based on trust alone that they would make the necessary technical configurations. We have found that so many companies have not performed the advanced technical configuration to make it work correctly that it could put all our email in jeopardy of being blocked. Now, our email providers have stated that this is a big enough problem in the industry that trying to send on another company's behalf incorrectly will be completely blocked.

Most of our customers are already configured to have us send their emails only from the domain. Therefore, most of our customers will require no changes to their processes. You may confirm what your current configuration is by logging into your AssureSign account, selecting the Administration tab, and in Settings, viewing the values under "Notification Preferences".