Follow issues 3/17/2016

Last updated 2016-08-03 19:54:13 UTC

Certain users of our may have experienced intermittent issues using our system from 16:30 EDT through 18:00 EDT on Wednesday 3/17/2016.

The issue occurred due to what is currently being reported as a network infrastructure outage in the Microsoft Azure East US data center which affected a large number of Microsoft Azure customers. Since our systems are hosted in various locations, only users of our services on would have been affected.

To mitigate the issue, our engineering team performed a platform migration on our underlying databases to physically isolate them from the issue. This allowed our services to be restored prior to Microsoft's announcement that all systems were restored.

Please be sure to monitor our system status page in cases where systems may be generating errors, available through the system status link on our home page

It is important to note that no data was lost or compromised in this network infrastructure event.

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