AssureSign Version 5.17 Release

Last updated 2016-08-03 12:27:48 UTC

Production AssureSign sites will be updated to our AssureSign version 5.17 software release:

  • na1: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 5 AM EST
  • www: Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 5 AM EST

We are continuing our work on the new document setup interface. Stay tuned over the next few months as we will begin to provide more details on this new interface.

As a reminder: you may notice following the 5.16 release (which went out to na1 today and goes out to www tomorrow) that we have made an underlying change so that all documents will be contained in an envelope as part of a shift towards an envelope-centric focus that allows us to simplify and standardize the way users interact with documents from both a user interface and an API perspective. So starting with 5.16, you may notice that all documents are now automatically placed in an envelope, even if they were setup as a single document. Please note that this was not a breaking change and did NOT involve any visual changes to the existing document setup interface or require any code changes for clients that have integrated with AssureSign using our API.

In addition to the ongoing work discussed above, this release also includes several bug fixes and optimizations.

No downtime is anticipated for this rollout.