What is DocumentNOW?

Last updated 2020-05-28 12:32:22 UTC

The DocumentNOW® interfaces are a bundle of services made available as web service methods.

DocumentNOW V2

The Version 2 (V2) methods utilize SOAP and or http POST operations. WSDL and URLs are exposed from within the installation, as well as examples of utilizing the various methods.

For any given AssureSign instance, the DocumentNOW service endpoint will be at

https://[AssureSign instance]/Services/DocumentNOW/v2/DocumentNOW.svc

The combined WSDL for all available objects and methods may be accessed from any AssureSign instance at

https://[AssureSign instance]/api/documentnow/v2/wsdl

Logged into your AssureSign account, you may also access WSDL and per-method information by going to Help/DocumentNOW Integration Help

DocumentNOW V3

The Version 3 (V3) methods are REST methods.

Review available envelope documentation at