Download Send To AssureSign

Last updated 2018-06-07 15:22:47 UTC


Send to AssureSign is a desktop application that allows you to quickly and easily send documents from your computer through the AssureSign system. Send to AssureSign installs a print driver -- typically called "Send to AssureSign" -- that may be used to print from any application directly into the application workspace. You may also work directly within the application, adding documents to be sent, and applying templates. JotBlocks may be created on-the-fly within the application workspace, or they may be applied to documents automatically using template matching.

The installer for the current version of Send to AssureSign can be downloaded here

The following items are required for installing and running the Send to AssureSign application:

.NET Framework Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (required by bioPDF, not included or required by installer)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (required by installer)

Hardware Requirements

Hard disk requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: 280MB/610MB (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 850MB/2GB (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Send to AssureSign: 90MB
  • AssureSign Template Cache: Variable; depends on # and size of templates (can be viewed in C:\Documents and Settings[User]\Application Data\AssureSign\SendToAssureSign\)

Processor speed requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: 1GHZ

Memory requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: 512MB