Upcoming server certificate change for

Last updated 2016-08-02 19:08:58 UTC

For users of our WWW production environment, the server certificate for will be changing on May 6 at 7 AM EST.

The new certificate will be valid until 5/16/2017. In keeping with current security guidance, we are also transitioning from a certificate that is signed using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm to a certificate using the SHA-256 algorithm. This industry-wide transition has largely been a response to recent advances in cryptographic attacks on SHA-1 which have demonstrated that it is becoming more susceptible to attacks.

The transition should be transparent to most users, so no changes should be necessary for signers and most client applications. Any clients that previously installed the root and intermediate certificates for integration purposes may require modifications to be made to trust the new certificate chain. Please contact support via a new discussion in case access to the intermediate certificates is required in advance.