AssureSign Version 5.4 Release

Last updated 2016-08-02 19:10:03 UTC

Production AssureSign sites will be updated to our AssureSign version 5.4 software release:

  • na1: Wednesday, March 18 at 5 AM EST
  • www: Thursday, March 19 at 5 AM EST

While many of our customers are currently using the faster new signing interface, accounts that have not been configured to use the new interface for signing will be cutover automatically with these updates.

You may turn on the new signing UI on your account by:

  • logging in and clicking on the "Administration" tab
  • selecting "Settings"
  • in the "Application Features" section clicking "Edit" on "New Signing Interface"
  • selecting "Yes" and saving

We have been making a number of modifications to our databases which should result in faster speeds for all operations, from running reports to the signing process.

We are continuing work on our new billing administration site. Future items that will be released soon include online viewing of invoices, and online administration of credit card billing. Certain backend components supporting these features are included in this release, and billing user interface elements will slowly release for use in future versions of the software.

A modification is being made to now show all information already stored in signing history regarding a signer's browser as well as some other elements previously shown only in the document completion report.

Some bugs being addressed include:

  • new signing UI, using link for future step may cause screen to freeze
  • on premise link generation issue in new signing UI when the app resides in subdirectory rather than under domain root
  • new signing UI may enforces validation even if required is set to false No downtime is anticipated for the 5.4 rollout.