Release Notes for 6.67

Last updated 2021-04-28 20:20:16 UTC

New + Improved


  • Simple Setup now uses sender default values if default values are assigned to the envelope

  • Customers can now find templates using the template ID

  • ITranslator Update
    Most Spanish and French translations are complete. There are some remaining translations that will be fixed in future releases.




  • Updated the timing of the Template ID validation to occur before envelope submission.
  • Provided new error message to identify when a document name error occurs.
  • Updated error message that informs user when a document name length exceeds 128 characters.
  • Corrected issue where the Template ID API was not returning all values in the schema.
  • Fixed bug that hid default value from dropdown jot blocks when submitting an envelope using templates.
  • Ensured document watermark appearance reflects users’ settings.
  • Ensured that user is able to click on a single document when using a template with multiple documents.