AssureSign CRM Solution Version For CRM 2015, 2016 And Dynamics 365

Last updated 2018-03-14 21:20:20 UTC

Version of our AssureSign solution for Dynamics 365, and CRM 2015 and 2016 is now available for download here.

New options for configuring your users are now available starting with this version.

You may select to continue to assign a fixed "AssureSign User ID" in AssureSign Configuration records, or you may now select to detect users' Office 365 login or email address when that matches user's AssureSign logins.  A new AssureSign Configuration setting "Authentication Type" allows you to specify this.

See this article which explains these new options for determining the User ID for API calls to AssureSign.

To help simplify the process of creating tags for mapping data to document template parameters, a new Tag builder interface is available on AssureSign Configuration records in settings.  The tag builder interface uses Microsoft's web API, therefore CRM versions less than 2016 may not be able to use the tool.

See this information on using the tag builder.

Play the video below to see a preview of these features.