Automated Tag Builder

Last updated 2017-05-10 14:49:18 UTC

Starting with our solution version, a Tag builder interface is available on AssureSign Configuration records in settings.  The tag builder interface uses Microsoft's web API, therefore CRM versions less than 2016 may not be able to use the tool.

The tag builder initially displays entity records that are associated with the AssureSign Document entity.  If you have added custom N:1 relationships on AssureSign Document after installing the solution, those entities should appear here as well.

(Your display may have different values depending on your system's customizations)

Click on a "Load Fields >>" button next to an entity name from which you want data to be pulled dynamically when launching a document.

For example, if you will be using a specific AssureSign document template on account records, click "Load Fields >>" on the Account row.

After selecting Account, you will either be able to drill down further into its related entities, or you may copy a specific field's tag to the clipboard by selecting "Copy" next to the field.

Clicking "Copy" next to the "Account Name" field (it may appear differently if you have customized the display name), you will have copied "" to the clipboard.

If you want to build the tag to get data from the account's primary contact, you would click the "Load Fields >>" button for "Primary Contact".  Then you will be able to drill down further or copy a tag for one of its fields.

You can click to go back to the parent entity of the entity you are currently displaying.

Remember, not all fields have usable information.  

The internal Type of the field is displayed next to the Copy button. While the display loads all existing fields on an entity, certain things like entity ID fields (of type Uniqueidentifier) cannot be used.

Additional text may be needed to be added on to the end of a tag to get the correct display.  As an example, Picklist (option set) and 2 option (Boolean) field tags require additional tag appenders to extract either the display text or the value. 

For a list of available modifiers that may be appended, see this article.

For information on how to add the Tag value on a document template parameter, see this overview of CRM data mapping.