AssureSign Version 5.46 Release

Last updated 2017-05-10 13:03:11 UTC

AssureSign sites will be updated to our AssureSign version 5.46 software release:

Sandbox: Wednesday, April 19 at 9:00am EST
NA1: Wednesday, April 26 at 5:00am EST
WWW/CA1: Thursday, April 27 at 5:00am EST

This release includes several enhancements to simple setup:

  • Support for positioning the selected JotBlock using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Support for resuming the simple setup process where you left off in case you get interrupted and your login session expires.
  • Improved handling of login session expiration

This release also includes several back-end changes that will help set the stage for additional functionality that will be added to simple setup over the next few releases.

Outside of the changes outlined above, this release includes several bug fixes.

No downtime is anticipated for this rollout.