Pushing a Custom Produced File Containing Signer Input

Last updated 2017-04-26 20:42:04 UTC


We have implemented a proxy service that can be called via DocumentTRAK to produce a data file to pass document information in certain fixed formats.

For example, you may want to pass a data file when signing has been completed that contains information that signers entered in JotBlocks.


Creating the Notification

While logged into your AssureSign account, go to the Notifications\DocumentTRAK editor on the Administration tab. Create a new Web Notification.

Give your notification a unique Design Name, and set the "Service Endpoint (URL)" to:

[the assuresign root URL]/Custom/DocumentTrakDataFile/DataFileHandler.ashx

Modify the bracketed section of the address to be the root URL of the AssureSign instance you log into. For a sandbox account, the complete service address will be:

The other settings should be configured as follows:

  • Enable Basic HTTP Authentication? No
  • Design Used for Authentication? None
  • Is this a SOAP-based service? No
  • SOAP Action: leave empty

Then click Next ...

In Request Message XML, select "Paste Raw XML".

Click Next to continue ...

Configure the XML

Use the following XML as a template to edit


      <Name>[ANYMERGEFIELD]_[Document ID].CSV</Name>


Transport and File elements should be populated as follows:

  • Transport/Endpoint: enter the web address where the file should be deposited (that may contain a folder path)
  • Transport/DataTransportType: one of
    • SFTP
    • FTPS
    • FTP (for security reasons, FTP is not recommended)
  • Transport/Port: enter the port on which the communication should be sent, for example port 22 for SFTP
  • Transport/Username: the username to use to access the site
  • Transport/Password: the password to use to access the site
  • File/Name: this may contain any available merge fields (and you may use the advanced mechanisms described here)
  • File/Format: one of 
    • CSV: will delimit DataItem values with a comma
    • TSV: will delimit DataItem values with a tab
    • PSV: will delimit DataItem values with a bar (|)
    • CUSTOM: if custom, then you must also pass a <CustomDelimiter> element within <File> with the delimiter text
  • File/IncludeHeaderRow: when true, the Name elements of the DataItem values will be added to a header row

You may specify multiple DataItem elements.  The Name will appear if a header row is implemented.  The Value should contain AssureSign merge fields (and you may use the advanced mechanisms described here).

This does not produce multiple records of data.  This is a mechanism to send data for a specific document, so only 1 record's data will be sent upon execution.

Click Next to continue ...

In Response Validation Method, select "Evaluate XPath expression", click Next, set the following

  • XPath Expression: /DataFileResult/Success
  • Expected Value: true

Click Next, and then Finish to save 

Add to a Template

Add to "Document Completed" on a document template in the Web Notifications section within the template workflow.

Configure you Account Notification Preferences

You will want to configure the DocumentTRAK Retry Policy and the Account Technical Contacts, which are set globally on your account.