What are AssureSign's Pricing Models?

Last updated 2020-01-28 13:54:49 UTC

At AssureSign, we understand no two use cases are exactly alike. In order to help you find the best (and most cost effective) solution, AssureSign offers two different pricing models - Per envelope and Per seat

The per envelope (AKA consumption-based) pricing model sets pricing and billing based on consumption, the number of envelopes sent from an account or sub-account. This is a great option for seasonal companies as it allows you to pre-purchase a set amount of envelopes and use them at your convenience throughout the year.

*An envelope allows for one or more documents to be sent within one send, even if to multiple signers!

The per seat pricing models allows you to purchase AssureSign seats with a designated amount of envelopes** for sending each month and/or year. This model is great for companies with a large number of employees, where the ability to track document (envelope) sending is important.

**Each AssureSign seat allows up to 400 envelopes per year. Please always check with your AssureSign liaison as this number is subject to change. 


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