AssureSign's Protections from the CPU Vulnerability

Last updated 2018-02-27 13:40:14 UTC

Microsoft has announced the steps they have implemented to address the CPU vulnerabilites known as Meltdown and Spectre in their Azure data centers.

AssureSign services are served from Azure data centers, and our systems have been proactively protected via the updates Microsoft has made to cloud services. Microsoft had previously announced to all customers of Azure, including AssureSign, that forced maintenance would occur later in January on isolated virtual machine instances. AssureSign took the active step of implementing this maintenance already in the last week on our systems prior to the global announcements of the CPU vulnerability.

Since this vulnerability must be patched at a system level, our published client solutions, such as Send to AssureSign, and Trigger do not require any updates. We encourage our customers to proactively apply the updates that various vendors are releasing for hardware, however.

At AssureSign, the trust of our customers and signers is of foremost importance. If you have any questions about the announced vulnerabilities as they may pertain to our services, please contact

Donald Kratt
Chief Technology Officer