Changes coming to sign in process, user management

Last updated 2018-03-14 21:20:45 UTC

Our version 6.0 rollout introduces a new sign in portal and lays the groundwork for other changes to the site regarding account management.

Signing In

When our 6.0 version rolls out, any account access previously made through login screens on the domain your account is in will now occur at a centralized log in screen.

Previously, you needed to be aware of which domain your account was created in, which could sometimes cause confusion for users.  Now, regardless of which backend system houses your account, signing in will always occur at

If you also have a sandbox account for testing and development, you will also sign in at this location.  After signing in, if you have both a sandbox and production account, you will be presented with the list of your accounts to pick from.  After picking your account, you will be redirected into that account.

Azure Active Directory

We will also be introducing the ability to use Azure Active Directory accounts to sign in.  This will currently be available only on new account creation, but we will be introducing mechanisms to convert current accounts to use Microsoft logins in the future.

Editing Your Profile

You will be noticing that we will be gradually migrating other functionality to the new site.  To manage your own password, language and other information from the My Profile shortcut, you will now be redirected into this account site.

User Administration

We are removing some of the guesswork regarding administering users.  If you need to reset a password, we will now automatically generate an expiring temporary password for your user and email it to them.  You will only need to select "Reset password and send login information to user via email" and save the user.


Since your logins to any sandbox account and production account will now be linked (you will have only one login, your production login) managing users from within your accounts will now update the user across accounts. Users may still have different roles in those accounts, and users may still be configured to float/access other accounts in your account tree, but a user will have only one login and password.

Future Changes

Additional changes will be coming to this new site in the future.  Some items we intend to implement on this new site include some global user administration capabilities, and other billing and account management features.