AssureSign Version 6.0 Release

Last updated 2018-01-08 16:28:42 UTC

AssureSign sites will be updated to our AssureSign version 6.0 software release:

ALL Environments (Sandbox, CA1, NA1, WWW): Sunday, December 17th from 1am EST - 5am EST

We are excited to introduce AssureSign 6.0!  This new release is focused on providing a unified login and authentication experience that works across multiple AssureSign services.  This will allow users to login once and be able to easily access multiple environments – such as the Sandbox or NA1, for instance – without having to maintain two separate sets of user credentials.  This release also paves the way for improved user and account management experiences that will be rolling out in subsequent releases. 

In addition, this new release provides customers with the ability to utilize Azure Active Directory (AAD) as an alternative way of authenticating with AssureSign.  This means that organizations that already utilize Azure Active Directory will be able to allow authorized users to authenticate with AssureSign using Azure Active Directory – rather than having to maintain a separate set of credentials.  Please note that the new Azure Active Directory authentication option will not be automatically available to existing customers with this initial release.  If that is something you are interested in, however, please let your AssureSign client services representative know as we’ll be working to make that option available to existing customers in a future release.

What to Expect Following the Release

  • When you visit one of the AssureSign environments (,, etc.) via a browser you’ll be redirected to a new centralized login page at  You’ll be able to login using your existing AssureSign credentials.  Note that if you currently have access to both a production AssureSign environment (CA1, NA1, or WWW) and a sandbox environment, you should use your PRODUCTION credentials when you log in.
    • After logging in, you’ll see a new home page that will provide you with quick access links to the environments to which you have access.
    • Administrators with user management permissions will be able to access a new user interface at that will allow you to create and manage users (scoped to your existing account-level access in your AssureSign environments).  Note that a number of user management functions will still be available from within the user administration section in the individual AssureSign environments as well.
  • Send to AssureSign users will not notice any difference as the authentication change will occur behind the scenes.  A new version of Send to AssureSign will NOT be required.
  • Any V1/V2/V3 DocumentNOW API calls from custom integrations with AssureSign or from one of our off-the-shelf solutions will continue to work without issue.  Changes to those applications will NOT be required.

In future releases we will continue to work to further enhance the management functionality.  Stay tuned to future release announcements for more details.

Important: Please note that due to the nature of this release, we will be simultaneously updating ALL AssureSign environments to version 6.0 at the same time.  Consequently, this release will require a 4-hour window of downtime while the changes are implemented.  During this time, AssureSign environments will be unavailable.  While the actual deployment may take less than 4 hours, please plan on AssureSign being unavailable for the full update window of 1am – 5am EST on Sunday, December 17th.