AssureSign CRM Solution Version For CRM 2015, 2016 And Dynamics 365

Last updated 2018-10-09 13:11:20 UTC

Version of our AssureSign solution for Dynamics 365, and CRM 2015 and 2016 is now available for download here.

Changes included in this release include:

  • Upcoming releases in our core software are being prepared for in this CRM solution release. With this release, signers who have only a mobile phone for SMS communications, and not an email, will be identified by their phone number when the "Allow Immediate Presentment" configuration setting is on. Full support for SMS in document templates is coming in a future core system release.
  • A new setting has been included in configurations: "Show Completed Document Link". When set to Yes, when a document has been completed a link to the signed document will be displayed on the AssureSign Document form. This may be preferable for some organizations as an alternative for storing the document in a note. 

An example of how the link to the completed document will be shown in CRM is displayed below: