How can I differentiate between two or more people when a shared email address is used?

Last updated 2017-02-17 16:09:45 UTC

In many cases email addresses work well to uniquely identify users or signers because only a single person actually uses that email address.

However, there are cases where more than one person may use a shared email address.  The challenge in these cases is that AssureSign - like many web services - requires users and signers to use unique email addresses.

Fortunately, there is a relatively simple way to differentiate between users or signers that utilize a shared email address without impacting the actual delivery of email to that email address:

Instead of directly specifying the email address (e.g. localpart@domain), an email address "comment" may be added to uniquely identify the recipient (e.g. localpart(comment)@domain). The comment portion is actually stripped out for the actual email notifications.

For example: If John and Jane Doe share the email address, you can distinguish between them by using something like the following: jdoe(John) and jdoe(Jane)

For best results we recommend including only letters and numbers (no symbols) in the comment portion of the email address.

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