PDF Layering

Last updated 2017-05-04 15:01:20 UTC

A rare use case for AssureSign is obtaining signatures for documents that must eventually be applied on pre-printed paper.  This could be implemented where, for example, some watermarked paper with standard form content must be used when the document is to be printed.  In this case you want to be able to print a signed document in such a way that only the data is printed (names, addresses, signatures) but the form's content is not (instructions, images). This is possible through the use of PDF Layers.  

An overview of PDF Layers can be found here. You can create a PDF whose content is on a layer that can be hidden. When signatures and other data are applied in AssureSign, they do not go into the same layer but instead go on top of it. For display purposes the document does not look any different. However, when printing it is possible to hide the content layer and print only the data and the signatures.

If you have an existing process which prints only data onto pre-printed paper forms you can insert AssureSign into that process through the use of Send to AssureSign. Instead of printing to a physical printer, you print to Send to AssureSign. You can then apply a template that has a layered PDF. This template must use the special "underlay" tag which inserts the templates contents (the layered PDF) underneath the printed content. Send to AssureSign must also be configured to preserve PDF features.