Can a signer upload extra files or pictures?

Last updated 2020-05-28 12:03:26 UTC

Yes, you can have your signers upload extra files or image files. If they are on a mobile device with a camera, they could take a picture of a document (or themselves).

We call these uploads Signer attachments.

To set signer attachment on Classic template follow below steps:

  1. Select JotBlocks within your template workflow
  2. Select New under Signer Attachments
  3. Assign a label and instruction
  4. And Save


To set signer attachment on Simple template, follow below steps:

  1. Select Edit on the template you will like to add signer attachment
  2. Select the signer
  3. Drag and Drop the Signer Attachment JotBlock anyway within your document
  4. Add a label and instruction
  5. And Save