Follow certificate change - schedule August 2, 2017

Last updated 2017-08-04 21:10:22 UTC

The certificate that secures communications on will be changing to a wildcard certificate that already protects some of our other sites (including our sandbox site at, and Modifications would generally only be required to accomodate this certificate change in the case that you have explicitly installed our certificates to a local certificate store for API communications.

The site certificate change will occur on Wednesday August 2, 2017, at 5 AM.

While the current certificate protecting is not expiring, this change is being done at this time because of a planned modification in Chrome that may present security warnings for certain certificates starting August 8.

The public certificate may already be viewed and extracted by visiting For example, in Chrome, visit, on a Windows machine hit F12 to open developer tools, select the Security tab, and press the "View certificate" button.